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Red Hub Appointments Posted on 8 Apr 2020

Most patients in North Cumbria with respiratory / fever symptoms are now being seen in our 7 ‘Red Hubs’.  As there are likely to be changes over the coming weeks we have put all the information about the Hubs (location, directions, what to expect when attending, etc) on a central website and are suggesting that practices include a link to this central site on their individual websites so we only have to change things once rather than 39 times.

When you are giving patients appointments at a Red Hub you can direct them to the website. Not all patients will have access to IT so practices should ensure that staff speaking to patients about appointments use the information on the central site to explain their particular location / arrival instructions and what to expect in the appointment which will be very different to what they usually experience when attending a practice.

Suggested wording to add to your website:


During the current COVID-19 outbreak, patients experiencing certain symptoms (breathing issues and / or fever) and who have been telephone assessed by a GP to need a face-to-face examination will be called to our local 'Red Hub'. 

Click here to find out more about where to go, what it will look and feel like and what to do when you arrive. There is also a short film and animation to explain why it looks different for children.

To text to patients who have an appointment.

You have been given an appointment at our Red hub. You can find directions to the Hub & more about how this works at

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