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Care Planning & COVID-19 Posted on 7 Apr 2020

Care Planning

The importance of having a personalised care plan in place for our very frail elderly patients, or patients with other serious health conditions, has never been more important than it is now during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

At a time when so much is out of our personal control, there are things you can do to ensure that your wishes about your care are made known to your nearest and dearest.

We have always done care plans for patients in care homes and frail patients to ensure their wishes for care and resuscitation are met. However, due to the Coronavirus this has made the need to ensure our patient’s care decisions are in place more urgently.

Some questions you might want to think about are….

  • Where is your preferred place of care?
  • Are you someone who would prefer to be cared for at home or would you want Admission to hospital?
  • Currently hospitals are not allowing any visitors
  • Would you want to be ventilated?
  • If your heart stopped beating would you want to be resuscitated?
  • Where would you want to die? Would you want to be looked after at home or in hospital?

As much as we possibly can we would work to ensure your very best care.

We know these are difficult and uncomfortable questions.  Please contact the Surgery to talk with a GP about these issues if you feel they apply to you or your loved ones.

Please see the link to a You Tube video by Dr Andy Knox at Stoneleigh Surgery for further information.

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