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Coronavirus Scam Calls and Texts Posted on 25 Jun 2021

We have been made aware of several ongoing spam SMS campaigns seeking to exploit the ongoing UK Coronavirus vaccination efforts. These campaigns variously claim to be from the UK Government, the NHS, Test and Trace, GP surgeries, pharmacies, or from other health organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Typically, the content of these messages attempts to direct users to phishing sites or connect them to high-cost premium number services, although in some cases the messages contain false or misleading information about the Coronavirus vaccines themselves.

If you or someone you know have received these messages, they should be reported to Action Fraud and forwarded to the free 7726 SMS reporting service. For further guidance on how to identify malicious SMS messages please see the following links from Ofcom and the NCSC.

Please be advised that you will only be called to attend for your vaccination in accordance with the priority list stated on the website here:

Thank you

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